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Where do all of the promotional tchotchkes for physicians end up?
August 13, 2009, 2:43 pm
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“S/He who has the most/coolest stuff wins!”  That’s become the American credo.  But where does all our stuff come from?  And where does it end up when we toss it?  And why?    Watch this fast-passed, entertaining video and learn more about who PLANNED for us to become a society that thrives on consuming… and what the effects of our learning this lesson so well really are.

Picture 1

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard.


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This is an impressive piece of one-sided propaganda. Yes, we live in a consumer society, but this piece suggests that everything produced in our factories is spewing with toxins. Even the staunchest environmentalists don’t really believe that. I lost track of the unsubstantiated claims in this video!

Comment by bongo boy

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