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Are social aggregators the disease awareness portals of the future?

The use of social media in the pharma world (and marketing world in general) has been a hot topic over the past year. And in the pharma world, one of the biggest roadblocks has been where the FDA stands on this issue. The list of potential problems with pharma and social media could be numerous (eg., fair balance, moderation, negative experiences, transparency issue, brand hijacking). But what if Big Pharma used social media for strictly disease awareness through the use of unbranded aggregators (a tool that pulls content and the latest posts from the sources of your choice and presents it in a consistent, easily digested form)?

Obviously, dedicating a whole site to content created by others involves a  leap of faith for pharma companies, but  housing all pertinent conversations, news, postings, and pictures about a certain disease state could be truly beneficial to all those involved (less worry about regulatory issues, timely and relevant disease specific information, unlimited content, community and social aspect, etc.). Aggregators like Netvibes and Pageflakes provide a good foundation on how powerful an aggregator can be for related content. And traditional brands (Skittles) and agencies (CPB) have already started to build their current sites around aggregator technology. So where does that leave pharma? One step behind.

Want to see how a social aggregator can change the way you view the news? See a sample of a crohn’s disease lifestream below (via Netvibes).

Picture 3


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