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There is no such thing as a free idea in pharma marketing
June 19, 2009, 8:23 pm
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In an earlier posting, I described the evolution of agencies and how clients expect and demand that agencies generate ideas, strategies and creative executions in essence, for no charge. That is,  an issue or opportunity is identified and the agency creates an idea. Perhaps the client even invites other agencies to submit ideas, and/or may even bid the original provider’s idea out, yet no one gets compensated.

In a recent Medical Marketing & Media article by Mike Myers, Palio, Mr. Myers provides his own thoughts for a fair agency value/compensation strategy. While I agree in principle with what Mr. Myers writes, I am still confused as to how the agency sets the program costs upon a true basis of value and fair compensation. That being said, I totally agree that agencies should indeed be fairly compensated for the ideas they bring, especially if the client requests the agency to expend time, resources and effort.

To illustrate my point perhaps more humorously, if not poignantly, I recently came across the following video on YouTube. To use the old adage that a picture (video clip) says a thousand words, I think you will get it after watching.  Enjoy!

Dave Recht


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Very true. Clients expect agencies to provide ideas, proposals and pitches well before any guarantee of a project going ahead.

Comment by zayzayem

I agree with this.
And i have seen that the bigger the client is, more is his expectation to get free ideas and strategy documents.
The comparatively smaller clients are more conscientious and careful of their reputation in the market.

Comment by drneelesh

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