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Augmented reality + mobile + pharma = bright future

Coming to a mobile phone (Android and iPhone) near you, in the not so distant future, is the world’s first Augmented Reality Browser – Layar. Layar is a free application for your mobile phone, which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.

Layar is derived from location based services and works on mobile phones that include a camera, GPS and a compass. By looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, jobs, etc. I can see a world of opportunity for the healthcare industry, especially for providers and physicians. What do you see?


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I agree that this is a great opportunity for pharma. I wrote about this same topic a couple months ago. Check it out: http://www.doseofdigital.com/2009/04/pharma-leap-augmented-reality/

Comment by Jonathan Richman

[…] minds of marketers just a few months ago is now a wide open canvas for innovation.  Recently, we discussed how healthcare could benefit immensely from the new augmented reality technology that was being […]

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