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400 reasons why Big Pharma needs to think about the iPhone

As mentioned in an earlier post, the iPhone has been adding to its ‘medical‘ category daily and now boasts over 400 apps for the healthcare conscience. Why is this important news for Big Pharma?

The iPod app store has topped 1 billion downloads in just nine months. And during the last 12 weeks, the medical category, although small, was the 3rd fastest growing application segment (a 132.9% change). This type of growth is understandable when you look at the latest numbers from Manhattan Research which show that physician use of smart phones has jumped to 64% in 2009.

Apple has even targeted healthcare use with the iPhone through the introduction of its new 3.0 operating system, which allows for easier development of application programing interfaces (API).  J&J has already taken advantage of the new OS with their LifeScan application, but where is the rest of Big Pharma? Developers are waiting for your call.

Watch the iPhone 3.0 OS presentation here.


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I feel that there is a paradox in the healthcare industry. On one hand, it is technologically far ahead than many other sectors in its utilization of complex, integrated equipment for diagnosis and cure. On the other hand, it still lumbers on quite pathetically when it comes to adoption of EHRs.

Using new applications by the iphone and integrating them well with the system would require breaking the same sterotypes as in case of EHRs.

Comment by Sumit Kumar

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