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Patient networks: What Facebook, Twitter and MySpace can’t offer

Social networks are popping up at an alarming rate and whether they are needed for certain demographics (dog walkers) or not, the major social media powers that be (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) may be able to satisfy their needs.

However, health conditions are very private and sufferers may not want discussions about their conditions available to their friends and followers. So where can patients connect with others who can relate to their conditions or situations? Patient networks are the answer and they enable people to discuss  (anonymously or not) symptoms, treatment, support and health data with like minds. Some of the more notable networks are listed below.

  • TuDiabetes is an online community where the members offer guidance, education and support about living with diabetes..
  • Trusera is an online community where the members offer guidance, education and support about living with diabetes.
  • CarePages websites are free patient blogs that connect friends and family during a health challenge.
  • MyHopeSpace offers cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their support network an easy way to communicate and share their stories, struggles, and accomplishments with other members.
  • CureTogether is a platform for open source health research that helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research.
  • Disaboom is a site for the disabled where users create profile pages and search for people with similar conditions.
  • Diabetic Connect is a social network for people with diabetes and their caregivers and doctors.
  • IMedix allows members to share their experiences and rank medical content in order to make health information personal, organized and accessible to everyone.
  • Inspire has mini social networks for different diseases and health conditions, each sponsored by health organizations.

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Thanks for the mention! I agree that most people we’ve heard from are not comfortable sharing their health information on more public social networks. At CureTogether your individual data is private but you can see the aggregate data to compare yourself to others with your condition.

Comment by Alexandra Carmichael

great list but…
Trusera has gone out of biz a few days ago ;-(
also i think you’re missing the 3 biggest in the field: medhelp.org, mdjunction.com & dailystrength.org

Comment by jamus

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