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5 ways pharma can Go Green with the use of social media

No matter the size of your footprint (carbon), reducing it should always be on your mind. And one industry that should be leading this charge is the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the two should be synonymous. With the daily barrage of bad press, pharma should embrace the green movement (if it hasn’t already) and create new, innovative ways to produce greener, more effective products.

So in honor of Earth Day, here are 5 ways (courtesy of Elsa Wenzel and Mashable) pharma can use social media to reduce their impact on the planet and possibly grow their bottom line.

Measure your footprint with tools such as ZeroFootprint and BeGreenNow.

Find greener minds to talk with at networks like Make Me Sustainable and Care2.

Research the latest green news and innovations on Hugg, Best Green Blogs and WebEcoist.

Tap into the green microblogging sphere on Twitter by adding hashtags #greenstream, #greentip or #green.

Recycle your goods through services like Gazelle, VenJuvo, Consumer Electronics Recycling, MyBoneYard and TechForward.

You can read Elsa’s full post here.


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