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8 things pharma brands can do right now on Facebook

As other posters have noted, blogging as part of the new social media has become important as a marketing tool for agencies and their clients. In fact, there are continuing indications that social media will forever change agency business and the way we look at client relationships.

Sites such as Facebook are using the limitless power of the internet to allow us to discuss professional information with lots of people at one time, thus creating meaningful relationships. And no factor is more important in these tough economical times than nurturing and maintaining client relationships.

Let’s “face it”. Social media sites have become powerful and cannot be ignored. Currently there are 200 million users on Facebook and it’s growing by a phenomenal 600,000 users per day. While 45% of Facebook’s U.S. audience is 26 old or older, the fastest growing segment is women over 55.

Think of the possibilities!

•   Targeted research
•    Survey feedback
•    New product ideas
•    Product feedback
•    Report adverse events
•    Track FDA Guideline Updates
•    Track the progress of upcoming pharmaceuticals
•    Debunk myths and perceptions associated with a product or disease state

These sites further give us the opportunity to:

•    Develop new business contacts
•    Brainstorm with physicians
•    Generate positive word-of-mouth about our clients and their brands

And perhaps most importantly, they allow us to promote ourselves and our agency as an innovator. One that clients will want to talk to about their existing products and new product launches.

Given that the cost of a Facebook page is free, positioning social media as a part of your agency and your clients’ overall marketing plan is a no brainer.

-Pam Thompson


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