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TV is alive and kicking

According to a recent study covered in last week’s New York Times, even though people have the opportunity to watch video on their computers and cellphones, TV accounted for 99 percent of all video consumed in 2008. That’s a phenomenal statistic given the fact that the saturation of cross-platform media is at an all-time high.

The study, conducted by Ball State’s University’s Center for Media Design for The Council for Research Excellence, is the largest observational look at media usage ever conducted. TV was reported as the dominant medium with computer usage supplanting radio as the second most common medium. Some key findings from the study concluded:

  • Americans were exposed to more than 5 hours of live TV a day vs 2.4 minutes via the computer
  • 18-to-24 year-olds watch the smallest amount of live TV of any age group
  • The 25 to 34 age group watch DVD or DVR videos more than any other group
  • People ages 35 to 44 spend more time on the web than any other group (74 minutes a day)
  • 45-to-54 year-olds spend the most time on email when compared with other age groups
  • People over the age of 65 watch the most live TV
  • 30% of households own DVRs and have the ability to fast-forward through advertisements

The full story can be found here.


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This study reflects TV as it is today, but I think that the future of TV involves the direct digital delivery of shows to viewers, rather than the current use of a schedule. Advertisers will determine what day of the week they want their message delivered to the audience and new shows will be released accordingly, to be downloaded when the viewer is ready to see it. I think both the viewer and the advertiser can come to like this method, once the technology is in place to make the whole thing as easy as watching TV is now.

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