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3 things you need to know to reach the integrated consumer

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that consumers are adopting new technology at a rapid pace. But a recent IBM Media Study released last week shows the result of this early adoption is a new consumer group that can only be reached on specific terms.

The study, titled “Beyond Advertising: Choosing a Strategic Path to the Digital Consumer”,  surveyed 2,800 consumers across six countries. The study also contained interviews advertising industry professionals. Three takeaways that every brand should think about before solidifying a communication plan are:

1. The assumption that consumers will be a captive audience is over. Their rapid adoption of new media allow them to be readers, editors, and marketers at the same time.

2. Despite privacy issues, consumers are willing to provide details about themselves, their lifestyles or content preferences in exchange for a perceived value (free content, etc.).

3. Consumers are yearning for integrated messaging or truly cross-platform solutions that seamlessly integrate television, print, online, and mobile technology.

You can read the rest of the study here (via Fuel Lines).


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Nice job Ayubu!

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