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Top 30 free medical iPhone apps
March 3, 2009, 7:15 pm
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No longer considered a phone, but an easy-to-use mini computer, the iPhone has quietly become THE platform for physicians and patients to get access to useful information quickly. And since 3rd party developers have been allowed to create applications for the iPhone,  the iTunes App Store has more than 200 applications in the “medical” category.  The top 30 are listed below.

  1. Epocrates
  2. Skyscape Medical Resources
  3. EyeChart
  4. Taber’s Medical Dictionary
  5. MedCalc
  6. Davis’s Drug Guide
  7. Eponyms (for students)
  8. ShyBladder
  9. Cardio Calc
  11. PubMed On Tap Lite
  12. Opium
  13. Nursing Central
  14. Breastfeeding Management
  15. Merge Mobile™
  16. ABG
  17. GI Calc
  18. Heme Calc
  19. Neph Calc
  20. Doctor’s Digest
  21. MD Coder
  23. ICD-9 pcp
  24. QuantiaMD
  25. PubSearch
  26. ReachMD CME
  27. iICD9-v 2009
  28. iBaby BT
  29. Eczane
  30. NextBio

Top 30 paid medical iPhone apps:

  1. Eye Test
  2. Speed Brain
  3. The ECG Guide
  4. Medical Calculator
  6. Medical Spanish
  7. Instant ECG: An Electrocardiogram Guide
  8. Normal Lab Values
  9. Medical Terminology and Abbreviations
  10. ACLS
  11. Medical Drugs
  12. MedRef
  13. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards
  14. Registered Nurse
  15. US Military Handbook
  16. AcuPalm
  17. MedFacts
  18. MedAbbreviations
  19. Breathalyzer
  20. Acid Plus
  21. MCAT Exam
  22. Perfect OB Wheel
  23. Medical Abbreviations
  24. PALS
  25. Audiometry
  26. MediMath Medical Calculator
  27. Kaplan Medical Terms
  28. Saunders Q & A
  29. Med Card
  30. Netter’s Musculoskeleton

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I am a physician practicing in the Bahamas. I am extremely interested in having a session in the Bahamas for Physicians on using health apps for the iphone.Our local apple dealer is prepared to cosponsor the conference or symposium in this regard. Do you have/know any individuals you could recommend who would be interested to come here and conduct a weekend session on health apps, how to use and best types – For both medical students and MDs? RR

Comment by Dr Robin Roberts

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