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What makes a branded pharma site resonate with patients?

Apparently, a heavy dose of engagement and satisfaction. According to Manhattan Research, which just released the top pharmaceutical brand sites in terms of consumer visitor satisfaction, brand managers are looking beyond unique visitors to a site when developing an online strategy.

But, isn’t this the way all media is created? Of course, getting the maximum exposure to your message is numero uno, but if you have nothing of interest to deliver, your message will be lost. It would be interesting to see how much the lists might change, if any, if budgets and market share were used as other variables.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Brand Websites by Consumer Satisfaction

1.    Lantus
2.    Advair
3.    Singulair
4.    Abilify
5.    Caduet
6.    Januvia
7.    Mirena
8.    Nexium
9.    Prevacid
10.  Protonix


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